2005 – GAGUT’s Firm Relativity Foundation

God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) is a revelation from GOD of the secret code to the Universe for humanity in a simple equation Gij, j = 0. The equation geometrically and exactly reveals that everything in the universe is conserved within a transformation process over space and time. The equations prove the existence of GOD and shows that GOD does not change. The equation is valid for everything material and non-material in the universe.

It is also valid for any processes, any forms of matter, waves, forces of all kinds, visible and invisible things and indeed anything from the largest to the smallest in size. It is the only exact and correct equation in mathematics, the sciences and indeed all of knowledge. It is an absolute provable truth

which is why it is able to describe the essence of GOD. All correct equations originate from Gij, j = 0. It is therefore the “mother” of all correct equations. There can not be anything or any process or any truths in the universe that cannot be described exactly by Gij, j = 0. Therefore Gij, j = 0 is an expression of all knowledge of the truth. Which again is why it is not surprising that Gij, j = 0 is able to express exactly the essence of the Almighty GOD. This is why all universities and in fact all institutions of learning that purport to be acquiring and teaching knowledge of the truth should only be teaching and studying Gij, j = 0. The solutions to Gij, j = 0 reveal that only one stable building block was used by GOD to create and construct all of the material Universe. That one stable building block was shown by GAGUT to be the hydrogen or Africanium Atum (atom).

That automatically reduces the 118 atomic particles, which were call “elements” on the periodic table, to just one atomic particle, the only true element, which is hydrogen now known as the Africanium Atum (atom). This means that all the sciences within the GAGUT equations should be based on one element and not on 118 “elements” as it is currently. That is another way of saying that new science is one that is based on one element and it is the science that should be studied by every institution from now on.

The old science is based on 118 elements which is obsolete and should be relegated to the archives. Therefore, all universities and educational institutions should be studying Gij, j = 0 and the new science based on one element. Those universities and educational institutions that are unable to study Gij, j = 0 and the new science based on one element should consider closing down since they are unable to teach the total truth to their students. These suggestions are based on the reality that GAGUT is the theorem or a provable truth of everything that says everything is conserved within a transformation process. Some aspects of this theorem have been verified experimentally and extensively in the labs by a famous French alchemist and chemist named Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794). Einstein through the E =Mc2 verified Gij, j = 0. All other correct equations written by anyone also verify Gij, j = 0. The geometric solution of Gij, j = 0 is Eta sub n.

This geometric solutions of Gij, j = 0 given by Eta sub n are verified by all known mathematical or geometric spaces including Hillbert, complex, vector, real, Banach, Lorentz, Riemann and other spaces. GAGUT therefore subsumes the work of Carl Friedrich Gauss, Euler and Newton to name a few . This explains why Goettingen University , the home university for Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855), one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time selected the latest GAGUT book entitled, Grand Unified Theorem: Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory by Gabriel Oyibo, as one of approximately 25 books chosen to honor Gauss during the Gauss 2005 celebration. Additionally, one should note that G0ettingen University is the Harvard of Germany and the home of one of the three greatest mathematicians of all times. Fredrich Karl Gauss.

The legendary mathematician was honored by featuring a specialized group of selected Mathematics works in the Gauss 2005 celebration. The selected works include that of the legendary David Hilbert, (Hilbert Space in Mathematics), who competed with Einstein in the development of the general relativity theory as well as works of Sir Michael Atiyah, a Field Medal winner (Nobel Prize equivalent in Mathematics) in 1966 and former Master (President) of Trinity College of Cambridge University, also considered one of the greatest mathematicians alive, as well as works by other mathematics luminaries.

Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo’s book is one of the thirteen books that have been selected to honor Fredrich K. Gauss. Gauss year 2005 Specialized paper Mathematics/computer science Booktap the week Literature search Special assembly areas Mathematics/computer science News services Mathematica collection at the GDZ Electronic resources Projects Specialized paper for MATHEMATICS & COMPUTER SCIENCE Nds.

State and university library Goettingen more up-to-date booktap the week Archives 2005 1-13 27-30

NR. 26 Gabriel A. Oyibo: Grand Unified Theorem

NR. 25 Luchezar L Avramov: Trend into commutative algebra

NR. 24 David Hilbert: Knowledge and mathematical thinking

NR. 23 Alexey Viktorovic Bolsinov and Anatolij T. Fomenko: Integrable Hamiltonian of system

NR. 22 Herbert Pieper: Network of the knowledge and diplomacy of doing good ? citizen of Berlin mathematics

NR. 21 Robert Hardt: Six of themes on variation NR. 20 Franz Xaver Lutz: A mathematical art book

NR. 19 Sir Michael Atiyah and Daniel Iagolnitzer: Fields medallists lectures NR. 18 Michael Atiyah: Collected works

NR. 17 Alain Connes and Matilde Marcolli: From physics tons of NUMBERS theory via noncommutative geometry

NR. 16 Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng: 103 trigonometry problem  from the training OF the the USA IMO team

NR. 15 Yaakov Friedman: Physical applications OF homogeneous ball

NR. 14 Ovidiu Calin and the Chen Chang: Geometric mechanics on Riemannian manifolds GAUSS 2005 selected and featured GAGUT, along with the work of Professors David Hilbert and Sir Michael Atiyah, to honor one of the greatest mathematicians of all time,. Professor Atiyah was not only a colleague of Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, but also split Newton’s titles at Cambridge with Professor Hawking. As was stated earlier, Newton held the titles of Master of Trinity College and the Lucasian professor at Cambridge University.

Professor Atiyah held the position of Master of Trinity College and Professor Hawking has the Lucasian professorship. Furthermore, the research work of Professor Atiyah which is featured on Gauss 2005 had earned him a Field Medal and the Abel Prize, both of which are equivalent to the Nobel Prize. Professor Atiyah’s work also is known to have applications to String Theory. Therefore, it is clear that Professors Atiyah and Hawking are on a comparable ranking.

One can then see, since GAGUT is ranked in the same class as Professor Atiyah’s work by GAUSS 2005, GAGUT is therefore being classified in the highest academic research ranking. But as it is well known, Professor Hawking started out with a goal to find the Unified Field Theory, which he later abandoned. Professor G. Oyibo, on the other hand, was blessed by GOD to find that Unified Field Theory.

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