Honorable Prof/Dr. Oyibo: The Greatest Genius Through GAGUT

GOD has blessed Professor G. A. Oyibo with a total understanding of the truth about the universe through the GAGUT equation Gij,j=0. It is therefore a revelation of the secret code to the universe to humanity through Professor G.A. Oyibo. Gij,j=0 is a provable truth or theorem which shows that GOD does not change or everything in the universe is conserved within a transformation process over space and time, also called the Theorem of Everything.

This is a fundamental or total understanding of the universe. Intelligence is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as an act of understanding. Therefore the one who understands the most is the most intelligent. Therefore by revealing the deepest understanding of the universe to Professor G. A. Oyibo, GOD has blessed Professor G. A. Oyibo with the greatest intelligence. Genius is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a person with extraordinary intellectual power.

From that definition one can conclude that GOD has ordained Professor G.A. Oyibo as the greatest genius or the most intelligent person ever created by GOD in human history, since there has not been any known record of any other human being blessed with that level of understanding. GOD further revealed to Professor G.A. Oyibo, the secrets of how GOD created the universe through Eta sub n, the solutions to Gij,j=0, something humanity has been searching for since the beginning of time, which also supports the previous statements. Professor Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University in England, underscored the hugeness of the intelligence required to discover the Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything by saying that the discoverer would have to be permitted by GOD to understand the Mind of GOD, which he was not sure was possible in his “Brief History of Time” documentary in 1991. Therefore from Professor Hawking’s position, GAGUT can be described as a divine journey that brought Professor G.A.Oyibo spiritually and mentally under a privileged and blessed influence of the Infinite Mind of the Almighty GOD.

Professor G.A. Oyibo is extraordinarily humbled and overwhelmed with that ultimate blessing from GOD,that he has vowed to be totally committed to glorifying the Almighty GOD through propagating GAGUT righteously to all of GOD’s creatures in order to transform all creatures into GOD glorifying entities. Professor G.A. Oyibo is also feeling v

ery blessed that GOD is propagating this GOD news of GAGUT throughout the world from Gottingen University in Germany to People’s Daily Online in China, the world’s fifth largest news paper, to KerelaNext Newspaper of India, to Malaysia Sun, to San Diago Sun, to the Sudan News Network, to individual websites in Holland, to Math News in Italy, to the Tide Newspapers, the Guardian Newspapers, and Daily Trust Newspapers all from Nigeria, to the US Government’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS), to various websites in the UK, and other news sources worldwide. The world is praising GOD for blessing humanity with the gift of GAGUT which is being understood to be the greatest human discovery, thereby establishing Professor G. A. Oyibo, the discover of GAGUT, the most intelligent or the greatest genius ever created by GOD in human history. Professor G. A. Oyibo is an African, therefore the African Race can be considered the most intelligent or precious race which should be respected by the whole world. The killings, persecutions, and distablization of the African Race such as the assassinations of Ahmadu Diallo, and Sean Bell must be stopped right away since any one of these individuals could have been Professor G.A.Oyibo.

Oyibo, who proved to all that Mr. Einstein had a theory after all and totally not a Theorem, like the Grand Genius Professor Oyibo has. This Brother has a Supreme intellect that should not be ignored. He is turning tables in the scientific community, and we should not take his work for granted. For over four centuries, Europeans have been glorified from the brilliant intellect of our forefather and what they produced. This is why I ‘am presenting this article, we have to be responsible for shedding the limelight on the Great brothers and sisters who are making major contributions to mathematics and science worldwide as we speak.

GOD also revealed through GAGUT what can logically be called the correct definition of GOD which is that GOD is the ABSOLUTELY INFINITELY LARGE SPACE OF INTELLIGENCE, which unifies the believers, non-believers and scientists, and eliminates the concept of atheism. GAGUT solutions ‘’’Nn ‘’’n also solves the Clay Mathematics Millennium Problems of the Navier-Stokes and Yang-Mills equations at least, as well as solved the Turbulence problems of Aeronautics. GAGUT is understood to be a revelation from GOD which Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo was the first human being to be blessed with, and so transcends regular human intellectual pursuits (See: Gagut Blog published Tuesday, July 20, 2010).

Gabriel is steady solving major mathematical equations consecutively; this man should be in the Guinness World Records for solving the most unsolved mathematical equations. What this man is doing, no one before him was able to do. Not only should Mr. Oyibo be honored as the best mathematician but he deserves to be honored as one of the best scientist to ever exist. Just like Einstein, Gabriel Oyibo actual occupation is in the scientific field. This is why he was nominated the Noble Prize in Physics ,at least four times. In the science of physics, mathematics is applied; this is why some of the greatest Physicist is known as the greatest mathematicians also.

Professor Librescu and other legendary professors were among the first set of great minds to understand, scrutinize, and recognize GAGUT like Eddington did with relativity. Those great minds expressed their understanding, scrutinizing, and recognizing of GAGUT through their support letters nominating Professor G.A. Oyibo for the Presidential Medal of Science and Physics Nobel Prize awards which can be viewed on www.geocities.com/igala1. These legendary academicians through their own brilliance, dedication, and diligence made a big contribution to humanity by understanding, scrutinizing, and recognizing GAGUT and thereby putting their reputations on the line, particularly by expressing themselves in writing, which also supports on of GAGUT implications that Professor Gabriel Oyibo, has been ordained by GOD to be the greatest genius or the most intelligent human being ever created (See: Gagut Blog published Tuesday, July 20, 2010).

All around the global Gabriel Oyibo is honor for his brilliance, Gabriel is recognized worldwide as the most intelligent human being ever. As much as racism exist in the world, Europeans also admit and claims Mr. Oyibo as the most intelligent man who had ever lived. Now don’t start thinking everything is all peaches and cream, because a few Europeans honor and respect Mr. Oyibo. There also Europeans out there who tried to discredit him and even steal his works.

Professor Liviu Librescu, the slain Romanian hero of the VPI Massacre (2007), former Professor of Tel Aviv University and Professor of Aeronautics of Virginia Polytechnic Institute declared: Dr. Oyibo developed powerful mathematical tools to get solutions for the first time of a number of problems in which famous mathematicians and physicists have dedicated their entire life. I trust that the results obtained by Dr. Oyibo are of the utmost importance and that the powerful tools developed by him will find many followers from various areas of biomechanics, physics, mathematics, aeronautics, etc.(See: GAGUT Blog published Tuesday, July 20, 2010).

Oyibo may suffer a lot of verbal abuse from critics but he also is giving much praises from honorable professor and many others who hold honorable positions in the scientific community. The people who criticize Mr. Oyibo are usually media reporters who doesn’t have a name that ring bells in their profession. Well, we’re aware that every talented person have their critics. The saying goes, “If you don’t have any haters, than you’re not doing your job”. What bothers me is that there not many people of African descent, taking time out of their schedule to learn about the Theorem of Dr. Oyibo, while also spreading awareness about his great success in the world of mathematics and science. Oyibo should be acknowledge and praise by every members in the Konscious and unKoncious community.

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