Honorable Dr. Oyibo’s GAGUT Changed The Face Of Jim Crow-ism

GAGUT is the God All-Mighty’s gifted formula acronym for “God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem” received by Dr. Gabriel Audu Oyibo in 1990.

“Gabriel Audu Oyibo” a mathematician – a Nigerian born – a N. America citizen- and the one who solved the Grand Unification Theory – popularly known as the “Theory of Everything” or “The Holy Grail of Mathematics and Physics” by discovering the GOD Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT).

In simple language, GAGUT states that GOD or everything including the Unified Force Field or any fundamental force or particle interactions, is conserved within a transformation process over space and time, which cannot be disputed by ANY logical process.

Before furthering this discussion on GAGUT, a brief synopsis on Jim Crow-ism (Jump In Motion, Crackling Ropes Or Whips”) is necessary, since many have much to say but lack of basic deeper knowledge on this matter.

Jim Crow was more than a series of rigid anti-black laws. It was other peoples’ standards and ways of life forced upon African/Americans. Under Jim Crow, African/Americans were relegated to the status of second or third class citizens.

Between 1877 and the mid-1960s, Jim Crow was the name of the racial caste system which operated primarily, but not exclusively in southern and border states. Jim Crow represented the legitimization of anti-black racism, and even unto this day, many Christian ministers and theologians taught/teach that whites were/are the Chosen people, blacks were cursed to be servants, and God supported racial segregation.

Craniologists, eugenicists, phrenologists, and Social Darwinists, at every educational level, buttressed the belief that blacks were innately intellectually and culturally inferior to whites. Pro-segregation politicians gave eloquent speeches on the great danger of integration: the mongrelization of the white race. Newspaper and magazine writers routinely referred to blacks as niggers, coons, and darkies; and worse, their articles reinforced anti-black stereotypes. Even children’s games portrayed blacks as inferior beings (see “From Hostility to Reverence: 100 Years of African-American Imagery in Games”). All major societal institutions reflected and supported the oppression of blacks; some of which still reflect and support this belief today.

The Jim Crow system was undergirded by the following beliefs or rationalizations: whites were superior to blacks in all important ways, including but not limited to intelligence, morality, and civilized behavior; sexual relations between blacks and whites would produce a mongrel race which would destroy America; treating blacks as equals would encourage interracial sexual unions; any activity which suggested social equality encouraged interracial sexual relations; if necessary, violence must be used to keep blacks at the bottom of the racial hierarchy

This is what Jim Crow meant in the past to Whites. However, as we are changing our thinking; so has the NEW, true meaning of JIM CROW for Africans/Myelinated people has evolved into the “Joint Investigative Mechanism, Coeternally Redefining Optimum Wisdom.”  (Coeternally- endlessly; redefined – reformulating; Optimum- the best; highest; Wisdom- philosophy, intelligence, knowledge, experience, and principle)

With these new determining and meaningful factors in place for JIM CROW-ism, African-Melanated people will now learn how to appreciate that Joint Investigative Mechanism, “GAGUT” (God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem) formulated through Dr. Oyibo. This is more than a “Theory”; it is a “Theorem” because it has been precisely created, overly tested, well proven to be the “Infinitely Truth, Undeniably Factual, and Infallibly Universal”.  GAGUT is complete within itself; it next to God Himself, thereby making Dr. Oyibo, himself, next to God within God. Through GAGUT, we were able to coeternally refine the best philosophy into our philosophy, “The New Infinite Truth”.


This formula above, when properly utilized and aligned with the planetary system; GAGUT houses no doubt in its abilities to solve any and every theory; as described by the Dr. Oyibo. GAGUT has been scrutinized as much as it has received rejections and resistance by many well-known and not so well-knowns physicists, mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and many others from those prestigious universities and colleges all over the world.

GAGUT is ever so powerfully potent, that it is popularly known as the “Theory of Everything” or “The Holy Grail of Mathematics and Physics”, this again is represented by an absolutely exact mathematical equation Gij,j=0, that can be interpreted as GOD (Gij), in GOD’s Material (i) and Space Time (j) Dimensions, does not change, where the comma symbolizes change in tensor notation. Gij could also represent everything in the Universe including the Unified Force Field, all of its components, all particles, both atomic as well as subatomic including all quarks, and leptons and all of their interactions.

This powerful potent formula, is amazing; and of all the notations and letters disclosed and researched by Mahogany Revue, the most outstanding and profound letter came from India.

It appearing in a statement on 25 July 2007, by “Physics Professor Dasgupta (India) concluded that Professor G. Oyibo is closer to God…”, was made after much resolution from and through results achieved as addressed in their scientific analysis through the research entitled; “Gauge Conditions For An Abelian Chern-Simons System Consisted With Equations Of Motion”, by Pankaj Sharan, Anupama, Mehra; and Krishnendu Dasgupta of the Department of Physics Jami Millia Institute, that Das Gupta was compelled to respond so eloquently to Dr. Oyibo’s discovery.

Notes below are cited as found on the site without any changes.

“Physics Professor Dasgupta (India) concludes that Professor G. Oyibo is closer to GOD, than any other human being because of GAGUT discovery.

From : Krishnendu dasgupta Reply-To : “Krishnendu dasgupta” Sent : Wednesday, July 25, 2007 9:24 AM To : gaoyibo@ Subject: God’s mission and das gupta
Dear Oyibo, Good Day! I heard that you have been successful in finding the unified field theory. Congratulations! You are more close to God than any of us. I was also working upon this theory, since my theory was different God was different to me.
Please write to me as I would like to know where I was wrong.
Thanking You , Yours, Krishnendu das gupta”~~THE END~~~

Even though Dr. Oyibo has received the Highest Award of Excellence in Science & Technology from African along with a multiplex of awards, prizes, and rewards in many areas; and he has been nominated thrice for the Nobel Prize for his great achievement in Mathematics and Physics in the USA. As of 2018, he is yet to be awarded this Nobel Prize based on 1) the nature of his scientific-tested, infinite discovery; 2) being a descent of the African/Melanated/Black; and 3) An African/Melanated infinite usage formula has surpassed every theory that has gone unsolved including the Reimann Hypothesis Theory.

High-Tech Lynching: Yes, what is about to be written probably has crossed your mind; and perhaps the answer probably has crossed it too.

This style of Intellectual Flagrant Castration- Violation- Lynching that has taken place by Dr. Michael Atiyah; is due mainly to the facts that he is refusing to let go of the old “Jim Crow-ism” ideology knowing that he has to then accept and acknowledge that the new “JIM CROW” philosophy is here to dispose, expose, and explore as it is accomplished with any new frontier.

An old Jim Crow’s processors, Dr. Michael Atiyah; on 24 September 2018, began publicizing false statements and allegations that he had discovered the solution to the Riemann hypothesis.

Quoted from Science Alert, “Atiyah gave a lecture in Germany on September 25 in which he presented an outline of his approach to verify the Riemann hypothesis. This outline is often the first announcement of the solution but should not be taken that the problem has been solved – far from it.

Atiyah was also quoted as saying “For mathematicians like me [Atiyah], the “proof is in the pudding,”….  And truly the “Proof Is In The Pudding” and the only unknown ingredient was formulated by Dr. Oyibo in 1990 and not by Dr. Atiyah as he is insinuating.

When Dr. Oyibo celebrated his victory for being the accomplished achievement, he is being paraphrased as saying,” this victory was not for me only, it was for the entire African/Melanated/Black race”.  His victory was and is OUR victory too.

As Sheritta Abundata stated, “We; through Dr. Oyibo blessings, have showed the universe and those who proclaim to be control keepers that we; as Africans/Melanated/Black people, are not the lowest nor the lost tribe. In fact, we are the first and have return to our highest position as being right next to the Divine-God Wisdom of the Divine All-Compass-ing with GAGUT = Gij,j=0 .

Now in flipping this side around to take a closer look at the total disrespect and disregard for Dr. Oyibo’s achievement by Dr. Atiyah. When Dr. Oyibo is being disrespected and disregarded, the African/Melanated/Black race, are being treated with disrespect and disregard too.

In speaking with one of the reporters, Mufasa Osiris, he made the statement; “This is the year of 2018, and are we, African/Melanated/Black people, still going to allow their GREATEST achievement to be taken away and/or stolen as they look on with disbelief and dismay?  They must understand that we have made it back to the top with GAGUT. Just because those who have placed themselves on a pedestal to give out prizes they call Nobel and refuse to acknowledge our achievements, does not mean that they we have to do the same thing.”

As the forum became intellectually challenging, Mahogany Revue had to chart and carve out segments and section as it relates to GAGUT- The God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem.

Furtherance of this discussion with to Marquitta Smith, who said; “Yes, what Dr. Atiyah have done is truly wrong and African/Milenated people are aggressively readily eager to defend their reputation without showing regards to other signs that may be of assistance in get the recognition needed for GAGUT.” But, realistically is this the Divine-God’s way of saying, stated Smith; “If you don’t use it, you will lose it; even as African/Milenated people are working with it?” They should let Dr. Atiyah’s wake-up call be our alarm clock to keep moving forward with full speed ahead. We are known to get a project up, put it on cruise control-walk away unattended or shift it to first or second gear, and expect it to still be standing strong or gain momentum while being in the same position when we return.”

In as much as Smith’s statement appears to have validity and truth, it is painfully true but those scenarios have happened in and with many of our accomplishment. Or the expectations of many is to give it to the ones that are harming us and expect it to be worked out for our best interest without checkpoints.

In conclusion, a course of action must be charted to make progress in any project or idea. Don’t be controlled psychologically by any person, place, or thing; and learn the NEW, true meaning of JIM CROW for Africans/Melanated/Black people of today. “Joint Investigative Mechanism, Coeternally Refining Optimum Wisdom.”  (Coeternally- endlessly; redefined – change the meaning; Optimum- the best; highest; Wisdom- philosophy, intelligence, knowledge, experience, and principle); so when one says JIM Crow, think GAGUT because it has been redefined.

Smith and Osiris both agreed, “African/Melanated people should unlearn those miseducated mind blockages, and use principles from the Sun Tzu, “The Art Of War”… “Every battle is not to be physically fought; everything is not to be controlled; and every fight is not a battle to expend energy upon be it mental or physical.”

A daily GAGUT Affirmation: “The Divine-God/dess Wisdom of the Divine, All-Compass-ing is and within GAGUT = Gij,j=0 ; and I Am That I Am will Live Through It; I Am That I Am will project from it; I Am That I Am will create through it; I Am That I Am will use it and not abuse it; I Am That I Am will manifest with it; I Am That I Am will transform from it; For All That I Am, That I Am Is GAGUT “God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem” in Action!”

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