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Since GAGUT re-veal-ation is a phenomena, it is infallibly immeasurable, and so profound that many people have not grasped the greater benefits from just vocalizing and relishing in the glory of Gij,j=O through the resonating intonations and the emanating sounds of  vibrating Gij,j=O.


Coming Soon are “Steps To Connect With The Powerful Vibration Frequencies of GAGUT” through meditation, imagination, and visualization to activate the propagated God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem; in order to receive the greater value of God’s Language from Gij,j=O!


The mind has a tremendous potential for flexibility.  It can learn quickly and adapt to emergencies much faster than usually imagine. It has the ability because one of its primary functions is to project the physical body, for without this “body”, the mind could not occupy the physical environment in a manipulative fashion.


Since much of our current environment, it is the “limited beliefs’ which are the first things to be inscribed upon our personal slate. From that point, the opportunity for controlling our life experiences is relegated for a far longer period than is benefical. Therefore, when embraced with GAGUT, Gij,j-O and it came across your path, it became challenging for some and difficult for others to realize that it is time to take their life’s creativity in their own hand, as to say.  Otherwise you are now the creator of your world lying within the “I Am That I Am”; the Creator’s creative mind.


Start listening in of the GAGUT OFAPPIT’s Weekly sessions, even though the information may seem foreign at times, but the point is, you are reprogramming your creator’s power to begin creating a new world for “the thyself”.

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