Gij,j=0: Have No Fear GAGUT Is Here Decree

GAGUT – “God’s Ordered” -Universal Decree Dissolves Project SCoPEx

Since the unification cry of the people became unidirectional, God’s “Willed Decree” for GAGUT Gij,j=0 to dissolve Project SCoPEx is now in Motion.
The Gij,j=0 Decree Reads:
We, the GAGUT Intelligentsia Federation of the international and intergalactical, now activates the intention of God’s Motion. God’s Proclamation of this Decreed Declaration is ordered that Bill Gates, Keutsch Research Group, Harvard University and any and all parties and entities involved in project SCoPEx, (Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment) cease and desist; immediately, any and all operations to try to control and/or destroy planet earth and its surrounding planetary systems. 

Project SCoPEx’s unauthorized sun blocking venue; if allow to continue, will cause equivocal catastrophic shifts within the gravitational force field throughout the universe. Thereby causing exhilaration in the rate of incidents from the atmospheric shifts such as sicknesses illnesses, birth defects, deaths, violence, crop reductions and more. Also it will bring about uncontrollable and unavoidable natural destructions.
Therefore, it is resolved as of the 18th day of March 2019, and be it dissolved for any and all participation agreements with and/or participants involved in or with project SCoPEx, (Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment); including but not limited to Bill Gates, Keutsch Research Group, Harvard University, and any and all parties and entities with involvement in this experiments and/or any related type experiments for eternity. This experiment is not God’s Ordered and not acceptable hereby resulting in complete dissolution of such experiments… past, present, future operations.

It is declared and decreed that God has heard the unification, unidirectional cry of His people and placed into Motion His Decreed Order which “Will” not allow His creations; the people and the planetary system to be annihilated by ignorance because of selfish aggrandizement and selfish gain without activating an inhibitor.

That inhibitor is GAGUT (God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem) Gij,j=0.  Gij,j=0 is the Capacitor which is eternally equipped with adequate supplies of power for the generator Nn=gnjXj(n+1) , [which is Eta sub n = (g sub nj) * (x sub j)^(n+1)] the fundamental complex formula that activated the  G2j = -N0Ln(2)+Ln[U (N0) i(2j+1)π] [which is G sub 2j = – Eta sub 0 *Ln (2) + Ln[U(Eta sub 0 exp i(2j+1)Pi)]=0 ] programming, thus projecting and injecting the energy needed to maintain and/or restore Universal harmony based upon the Divine’s Ordered Plan.

Be it resolved that God has placed in Motion decreeing that project SCoPEx, (Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment) “Will” no longer pose a threat to the occupants of the universal space (internationally and intergalactically). Instead SCoPEx has infinitely ended with a short life cycle of catastrophic, cataclysmic events for any and all participants condoning, connecting, and upholding, and/or continuance of implementation of project SCoPEx, (Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment); as well as its supporters.

Be it further resolved that the people must join in to unify efforts and link into the wisdom to acquire knowledge of the Powerful Electromagnetic Gravitational Field Forces benefits of GAGUT Gij,j=0. When linked into GAGUT, one will learn of its amazing and awesome works of revelation from God that was implanted into the Honorable Dr. Prof. Gabriel A. Oyibo in 1990. The Honorable Oyibo is still alive and activating Gods’ absolute, infallible truths of how to instruction the people to survive and thrive through these changes and challenges times.

It is further resolved that the people; through GAGUTOFAPPIT.ORG must now join forces with Honorable Dr Prof. Oyibo, by committing self to learn more about GAGUT Gij,j=0 by listening to GAGUT lectures; reading GAGUT books, viewing GAGUT videos, and purchasing GAGUT Life Altering & Life Saving T-Shirts. Also send monetary donations to support GAGUT upcoming youth in the fields of S.T.E.M.

Signed and the Execution of “God’s Ordered Decree” Accepted and Carried out on this 18th day of March in the year of GAGUT Gij,j=0 reigning supreme in Two Thousand and Nineteen by the Amazon Admiral Doctress Oshun Yoyin from the HyperSpaceShip, GAGUT Intelligentsia Federation

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