Creating a conscious contract between the human self and the cosmic self

The process of ascension into the fifth dimension

The transformational process is one of a constant shifting of weights between one frequency range to another, present in a higher vibration.

We experience this shift in our daily lives as different crossroads, in which the individual transforms manners of conduct, patterns, habits, mental and emotional expressions, which represents the third dimension (the physical, dual and dense) and the fourth dimension (the conscious, separate and lacking). This is realized through manners of conduct, behavior, perspectives, ways of thinking, mental patterns and expressions that represent the wave spectrum of the fifth dimension.

This is a conscious shift of weights, which transfers from one reality dimension to another.

This transformation can be compared to a moderate transfer of the self, part by part, from one land to another, in a continuous process in which the self disappears from one land and is gradually materialized in the new land.

In such a process, persistence is required to ensure that there are no cut offs and that there is no situation in which reversal occurs in the direction of movement and the shifting from higher wave ranges to lower wave ranges.

One of the inner keys that allow us to maintain this persistence in such a process is the ability to continuously maintain direction and intent.


The defined direction and intent that the human self is focused on and committed to, allow the constant creation of big and small choices that create the transformation and ascension into the fifth dimension, which exist within a different wavelength from the known and familiar.

The defined direction and focus – derive from a significant vision and clear purpose. It is a vision of transcendence from one frequency range to another, a vision of changing the facets of the human psyche and establishing a new humanity, a vision that stems from a desire for expanded and enhanced fulfillment that can be made possible in the transition to the new frequency range representing a different dimension of reality.

The vision can express a personal focal point where one seeks to better himself and establishs a life of peace, inner harmony, abundance, love, existential security and self-realization.

The vision can express a comprehensive focal point, where one seeks to better himself in order to benefit others and change the reality in the world of Earth.


We may see the personal vision, which creates direction and intent, as a contract created by a person with himself.

This is an inner contract that is of clear and significant consent to maintain explicit priorities.

These clear priorities create a powerful state of mind, where the vision influences the psyche and takes it under its wing, the direction and intent influence every single choice, and self-discipline stems from a desire for inner meaning.

It is a conscious contract, between the human self, accustomed to the wave ranges of the third and fourth dimensions, and the cosmic self, which strives to rise to the wave ranges of the fifth dimension and beyond. In this contract, the human being proclaims before the cosmic essence: “wherever you go, I shall go” and creates an inner commitment that prevents duality, friction, zigzagging, or going backwards.


The conscious shifting of weights from the wavelengths of the third and fourth dimensions, to the wavelengths of the fifth dimension, creates a powerful process where the human ego changes, and is absorbed into a refined self that grows stronger.

It is a process of release from the addictions of the mind and body, and the establishment of inner autonomy, free from masked external dependency, that is limiting and lessening.

The conscious creation of a contract between the human self and the cosmic self, out of awakened awareness, allows the human being to maintain aware free choice and assists in dealing with “withdrawal symptoms” and feelings that the separate and lacking ego will bring up in the processes of the transformation of the self from the wavelengths that hold polarization, separation, fear, lacking and negative ignition systems, to wave ranges in which a new self is being born, sustaining existential security, unity, inner holism, an abundance consciousness, and ignition systems emanating from positive bases.


The human ego is lustful, seeking to fill itself from the outside and the focal point it represents is lacking, selfish and separate.

In so doing, the ego will try to sabotage the shifting process, and will try to maintain a hold on mental contexts and habits linked to the wave ranges that the self seeks to release.

When there is no inner significance of choice, direction, intention and vision, and when a contract is not created between the human and cosmic self, the ego will bring up feelings of giving up, failure, loss, anger, frustration and victimization, which stem from a limited conceptual point of view that states that “nothing is supposed to come at the at the expense of something else” and wonders why it is impossible to maintain reality of “both”.

This is a paradoxical state where the human being complains about the regularity that exists in the wave ranges of the third dimension and the fourth dimension, rather than back up the ascension process towards the fifth dimensional wave ranges. The fifth dimension represent a reality where nothing comes at the expense of something else, because there is no attachment, holding on or dependency, and a person maintains an inner wholeness, where all of the support systems of the distillate self are present in a harmonious manner at every given moment.

When a human being is clear about the process of shifting weights, the transformation and the convergence of the self from one dimension to another, feelings of giving up, missing and loss do not exist, and they are replaced by feelings of security, a connection to the righteousness of the way, that are not conceived as a concession but as an accomplishment that fills the inwardness with joy.

In such a state, a person feels vigorous, nourished, with powerful ignition force, whose bases are positive and have subtle sublime vibrations.


The regularity that exists within the wave ranges of the third and fourth dimensions holds separateness, polarization, a struggle over resources and lack.

In such a reality, one thing comes at the expense of something else and the paths of life are limited by karma laws and by a lacking ego and a weakened self, which is often uncoordinated to the cosmic self and is distant from its original intent.

The regularity that exists within the wave ranges of the fifth dimension and beyond, is a regularity of unity, broad perspective that sees how all is interwoven, the sharing and channeling of resources, a close connection between the human self and the cosmic self, and the conduct in a realm where nothing comes at the expense of something else and the individual and the whole are intertwined Harmoniously.

The process of transformation and ascension is the process of an awakened and conscious shifting of weights towards the reality of the fifth dimension.

It is a space that lays out the paths of life of the New Era in front of the human being, and places in his hands the enhanced powers of creation to create the path of his life, by connecting to an inner divine space, which is distilled and independent.

Yours with much love and goodwill 


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